Eating lunch in front of the very tiny former Hertz Rent-A-Car pavilion which is now a food stand run by a man who was very generous to the group by treating us to lunch and taking us onto the roof the PortAuthority Helaport which can be seen in many of the other shots here.

Richard Post, AKA, "Park Bench" sitting on a park bench shows us that there are only a few remaining benches in the park that have the 60s modern base from the 64/65 fair AND the green fiberglass slats. Others that remain from 64/65 had been changed to wood slats.

Another very helpful stage tech from the Tehater In the Park that occupies the Theaterama part of the New York State pavilion quietly unlocked the gate to "munchken land" (The WIZ) or as we know it here, the Texico map under the Tent of Tommorow.